Advanced computer security and privacy

We would like to present to you a guide book on the basics and complexities of achieving advanced privacy and security for your computer needs.

It goes over the steps of chosing a computer, installing a secure operating system, rewriting the BIOS software residing harware components with external tools, ecryption, and passwords. It also discusses and gives everyday behavior advices when it comes to computer security.

One of the main prerequisites when it comes to computer security is using only free software, so everyting in the book is discussed from that point of view. You'll learn how to install, use and configure a completly free GNU/Linux operating system, and we'll be show how to use a terminal and basic applications.

It was written by with the help of the LibTec Institute. It's a product of more than 5 years of indept research and collaboration between free software activits.

The book is freely available under the free GNU-FDLv1.3 license. You are free to distribute and contribute to the book (under the terms of the license). You can download it from the links below: